Thursday, January 18, 2007

View from Longs Peak.

Wind blasted, with frostbite. Doesn't look like very good skiing, does it? This is a shot from Chris Davenport's attempted ski of Longs Peak Yesterday. In an email, he said:
As many of you know we made an attempt at Longs Peak today, my last 14er of my project. Climbing and skiing Colorado 14ers in winter can be dangerous and downright ugly at times, and today Mother Nature was the heavy weight champion of the world, kicking our butts in a big way. With constant wind speeds near 50 mph and gusts to 80 mph that knocked us of our feet many times, we gave it our best shot. The wind chill values were easily minus 25 degrees or more, and we all brought home some frostbite as a gift of Longs.I am home now and will drive back to Longs tomorrow for another attempt on Friday. Hopefully the mountain will give herself over to our skis a little more gracefully this time around.I posted some photos from today's epic on the Longs Peak page. Enjoy the misery!
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Anonymous said...

When is Phillips going to be done holding this guy's jock? :-)

Dave Philipps said...

I generally only prepare witty responses to insults for readers who spell my name right.