Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Two days of snow forecasts and no snow

Is Colorado Springs back to its old winter pattern, where the weather forecasters say snow is coming, and then nothing happens? Seems like it. Tuesday we were supposed to get snow. Wednesday too. But all we have is cold, cold cold.
Fortunately, the mountains are in better shape. Monarch and Breck both picked up 5 inches last night. Beaver Creek picked up 8. Vail, 7 . This year's weather patterns really seem to be favoring the Beav.
What's coming in the next few days? Patterns seem to be favoring the northern and central mountains. Summit County is expecting another 3 to 6 inches today. Snow remains in the forecast for the next five days.
It could be a great weekend to ski, especially Sunday, when most people will be watching the Super Bowl. Just bring plenty of layers. Highs won't get above 20 degrees.


Biker Betty said...

Hey, if it only snows in the mountains I'd be very happy, lol.

Dena Rosenberry said...

This morning in Manitou we had what has to be my favorite Colorado weather: sun with snow!

Now, downtown, it's just gray with snow. I'll take it though!

Biker Betty said...

I have to admit, sun with snow is very pretty.