Thursday, January 18, 2007

A good training bike ride

In case you didn't see this question added to the post below, a blog regular, Biker Betty, asks the following:

My son is in Boy Scouts and come spring time needs to practice for a 50 mile bike ride. Where in the Col Springs is a good place that is at least 5-10 or even about 20 miles with hardly any traffic and not very hilly?

Another regular, UltraRob, a cyclist who has his own fab blog (, is wondering what type of ride Betty's son is shooting for - road or mountain.

If you have suggestions, comment below.


Anonymous said...

Air Force Academy grounds

Biker Betty said...

Hi Dena,

Thanks for reposting this out for further help. For the Boy Scout 50 mile requirement badge, there is no requirement as to whether it be hilly or flat land. Their only stipulation is to stay away from highways.

Before a Boy Scout does the 50 miler, he must first do 2-10 miles; 2-15 milers and then 2-25 milers. My son is 12 1/2 yrs and small for his age. He also is out of shape and needs to build up to anything very hilly. That's why I'm looking for good stretches of trail or road that isn't too hilly or difficult to ride on. At least when he's first getting out and into shape. If it's too hard he will get discouraged.

With summer around the corner, I thought I'd see if anyone knew of good places that match the above criteria. He attempted it last year, but didn't get far. Where we live in town is too dangerous to bike on the streets.

Our bikes are getting dusty and we want to get out this summer and enjoy beautiful Colorado. We are retired military, so we do have easy access to the Air Force Acadamy. I appreciate all the suggestions people have been giving and will be giving.

Thank You,
Biker Betty :)

UltraRob said...

It would be best for him to start with flat rides to keep him from getting discouraged. The Sante Fe Trail would be a great place to start if he has a mountain bike. He could even get the full 50 in on it since it runs all the way from Fountain to Palmer Lake. It is slightly uphill going north and is hillier in the AFA than it is going south. The only problem with starting out going south is you have the easiest section when you aren't tired. There's a trailhead on Woodmen west of I-25 just after crossing Monument Creek. You can only access it going west bound. There's also trailheads at Ice Lake on the Air Force Academy, behind Criterium Bikes, and many others.

If you have more questions, feel free to e-mail me directly. There's an e-mail link on my website.

Biker Betty said...

Thanks Ultrarob. I appreciate you taking the time.

Biker Betty said...

Thanks Anonymous for your help.