Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Get your iPod kickin'

I'm not a headphone exerciser. When I'm running, even on something as monotonous as the incline, I like to hear the sound of my breath, my footfalls, the wind clattering the leaves... but, many people, including some I love dearly, say music makes the workout pass faster.
For that crowd, there's a cool new Website,

Here's why it's cool:
The site has a searchable song tempos database where you can calculate the proper tempo for your speed (based on minutes per mile), then find all the songs that match your tempo. You can even download them for a few cents from a shadowy pseudo-legal Russian company.
If your favorite song doesn't fit your tempo, you can download the site's repacer (a full version costs $25) and bump up the beats per minute; or, if you're doing the incline, bump them down.

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