Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Footage from the huge avalanche on Pikes Peak

At the following link, you'll see Jamie Pierce, head guide of Pikes Peak Alpine School, walking along the cut road crews made through a massive avalanche that crossed the Pikes Peak Highway January 6. Notice all the pieces of trees in the snow.
Sorry it's sideways, lesson learned.

Click below to view a 9 second clip


bill_brown_cmc said...

Where was this? Looks like the slope below the cornices just west of Glen Cove. Was this slide natural? Or done as a control measure?

Zen said...

Big badass avalanche!

Pikes Peak waking up to her furious self... She is a wild one.

Now if we could only get a 200MPH wind to rid the summit of those ghastly buildings and lights.


Anonymous said...

curious in watching the peak today its 1:44pm central time here, and what is that to the right of the screen at the top has snow fallen? or is it just me??


AndyW said...

Dave's off cat skiing up by Monarch, but his story in the paper today has more details: http://www.gazette.com/display.php?id=1328644&secid=1