Friday, January 12, 2007

Donde esta la nieve?

It's 8 degrees at the Gazette right now. But the sun has come out. We got maybe 1.5 inches of snow. Sort of disappointing considering I was blogging about feet of snow yesterday. Even the mountains, for now, have been gyped. Breck is reporting 0 inches. Wolf Creek only 6.
But the storm is going to stick around, and may drop a lot more white stuff. We'll see.


Dena Rosenberry said...

Oh, man. In the time it took to write that and post it, the sun disappeared. This lack of snow so far is a bummer. The build-up was so great!

Dorn said...

One of my vendors warned me about this 'storm of the century', and I in turn warned everyone I knew. Nobody took me seriously and now they are really really rubbing it in. I'm not a skier, and while I know we need the snowpack for our water reserves I'm really ready for spring... REALLY!

Zen said...

Frigid cold and snow don't always go well together. Frigid cold can negatively affect the dendritic formation of snow flakes, and a lot of times when it gets this cold, we end up with the uber tiny flakes that amount to little fluff and little depth.

But that being said, we're still on track for anywhere between 6 - 12 inches in Woodland Park thru Sunday.

Of note - it was crytal blue skies and sunny all day up here today (but still cold).

Anonymous said...

"Gyped" is a racist slur. FYI.