Thursday, January 04, 2007

Conditions at ski areas getting thin

The Rocky Mountain News ran a story today about something I've been hearing skiers grumble over all week: no new snow...

"While the metro area and the eastern Plains are trying to get rid of snow, many Colorado ski resorts wish they had more of it as they head into what is typically the driest month of the season.
"It's definitely been busy like there's good snow, but there's not good snow," said Charlie Ellis, acting manager of Second Avenue Sports in Durango. "We have tourists in town from Dallas and Arizona, where they probably should have stayed home or gone to New Mexico." ...
"Said Jeff Hanle, spokesman for Aspen Skiing Co.: "It looks like the whole mountain area (of Colorado) kind of got gypped.""

Maybe all those front-loaders digging out the eastern plains could ship a little to the high country.
The best hope for fixing this situation naturally will likely arrive tomorrow when a storm rolls in.
Aspen is calling for five to nine inches by tomorrow evening.
Summit County is expecting five to 11 inches.
Five inches isn't exactly the Charles Atlas miracle fix to bulk up the state's wimpy snowpack, but it can't hurt. And reports show another chance of snow Sunday.

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