Saturday, January 06, 2007

Avalanche on Berthoud Pass: 7 rescued, highway closed

We have more information on the huge slide on Berthoud Pass. It let loose at 10:30 a.m. on the pass's largest, most infamous slide path, Stanley. Stanley Mountain, where the slide started, is pictured above, with the old Berthoud Ski Area in the foreground. To view Stanley on a map with other regular slide paths in the area, click here.
Seven people were rescued from cars enveloped when the slide crossed the road in two places.

For video, click here.
For the latest from the Gazette, click here.
By the way... was anyone skiing there Saturday? What can you tell us?

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Anonymous said...

My husband was boarding the trees there with some buddies today. Some police picked them up at the bottom and took him back up to his car. The lanch buried some cars, search and rescue were still searching for more. So far, one guy had been injured (don't know if he was from a car), but they think the lanch was triggered by high winds. The hubby said they hiked for the top, but backed off when it looked super sketchy. He says the tree runs are great though.