Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rescue on Mount Hood

Most climbers familiar with Oregon's Mount Hood know that it can be treacherous, even in the summer. But climbing in the winter? Unusual and risky, as illustrated by the search for three climbers lost on the 11,239-foot mountain. The three climbers have been missing since the weekend. The weather has been ugly, and searchers haven't made much progress. The three men separated - one called on his cell phone for help, saying he was in a snow cave the men built. But the other two left the cave in search of help.
The men were last heard from on Sunday, when they made the phone call. Rescue officials said it appeared the men set out for a "light and fast" hike with minimal equipment. People familiar with winter in the mountains know that it doesn't matter how light and fast you are if a storm moves in.

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