Thursday, December 28, 2006

The coming storm... here are the best predictions

This is a snow accumulation map for the next 12 hours, blue means getting snow.
Blizzards are a window into human nature.
When they are predicted and they don't hit, most people grumble.
When they are predicted and they do hit, most people grumble.
And then there are those who yearn for fresh powder.
You won't hear them grumbling about getting rocked with 18 new inches.
Is it going to happen this time.
A cool site called, which has maps, long range predictions, and a powder podcast predicts about 15 inches for the central mountains.
The National Weather Service is calling for 3 to 7 inches today on Pikes Peak, with another 4 to 8 inches tonight, and another 2 to 4 Friday. Add it up, that means 9 to 19 inches.
Summit County is calling for 11 to 21 inches by Saturday.
And that phenomenal geographic wringer, Wolf Creek Pass, is expected to pull in well over a foot. It's snowing there now.

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Anonymous said...

so Snowmass will be getting snow, while Buttermilk (and Aspen?) will not? Pretty gutsy "prediction"