Tuesday, December 26, 2006

All 54 fourteeners? You're not alone.

The 2006 count is in, and according to the Colorado Mountain Club 1212 people have now officially climbed all 54 of Colorado's peaks over 14,000 feet tall (the 14ers).
Many took decades to do it.
The most common last peak was Culebra, which lies on private land and has only recently been opened (for a fee) to the public again.
After the 14ers, the list gets much smaller.
Only 152 people have climbed the highest 100 peaks.
52 have climbed the highest 200.
17 have climbed the highest 400.
and 14 have climbed all the peaks above 13,000 feet. There are more than 600.


Zen said...

Who owns Cuelbra these days? Taylor sold it to a former Enron exec who last time I heard was looking to unload it -- seems the court handling the class action against Enron and it's former execs was considering seizing it.

Too bad that didn't happen -- it would have given the state it's best chance in years of acquiring the land for a state park.

Zen said...

Yep -- I spelled Culebra wrong.

Dave Philipps said...

Two realestate tycoons from Texas own the ranch now. They've renamed it Cielo Vista.

whaaker said...

Do you have a link to the source of your info?

Dave Philipps said...

Sorry, there is no link. The numbers are from the latest issue of Colorado Mountain Club's magazine, Trail and Timberline.
They do make some of their content available here: www.cmc.org/tnt/trailhome.aspx

Zen said...

Texas tycoons owning a 14er. It just seems so sick and wrong.

UltraRob said...

I wonder how many people have climbed the fourteeners and top 100 that the CMC doesn't know about. I finished the fourteeners in 1995 and the top 100 in 1998 but I've never sent anything in to the CMC so I'm sure I'm not on their list.