Thursday, November 16, 2006

When lions attack

Sea lions, that is. We can be thankful that we only have to deal with mountain lions here. In California, a rogue sea lion has bitten at least 14 people and chased 10 others out of the water this week at a public park's lagoon.

Celeste McMullin, who was bitten Monday, said she saw the animal lurking nearby but didn’t think much of it. “I was swimming along, and I felt a brush under my feet. And I thought, 'These feel like whiskers.’ So I stopped, and the animal popped up. He/she looked at me.”

McMullin then tried to swim away, but the sea lion followed, biting and bumping her continuously until she made it back to shore. She ended up with six bites: two puncture wounds and fourcuts.
(photo from USA Today)

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