Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We love mountain cams

Especially this one - the Tundra-Cam II. This webcam is placed at 11,600 feet on Niwot Ridge, 25 miles west of Boulder. It's live and interactive - you can control the mountaintop camera from your own computer. The cam is located in a Biosphere Preserve; research facilities on the ridge are operated by the University of Colorado's Mountain Research Station. A variety of research is conducted at the site, from alpine ecology to snow hydrology to atmospheric chemistry.

Do you have a favorite mountain cam? Send the link.


Zen said...

My favorite close to home is the Pikes Peak cam on the North Slope at www.dohc.com.

My least favorite is the camera trained on the Wal-Mart construction site in Woodland Park - www.utepasscams.com. What the hell's up with that?!

Of all the spectacularly beautiful things they could train that camera on... what a waste of a lens.

flatlander said...

One more reason to dislike "progress". I can think of many sites much prettier than that one(Wal-Mart).