Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow's a blowin'

I tried to post this yesterday and it just wouldn't take. Now that the weather is, indeed, turning, it works!

This is a shot from awhile ago of the peak, with a bit of snow like today, with the wind blowing like today.

I awoke with a start when the wind blew the windows open at my house in Manitou early this morning. And I immediately thought of Dave and Christian and the gang up on mountain. Brrrrrr!

And then I thought of poor sockless Zeb Pike. Yipes! No wonder he turned around. No Popsicle Pike for him.

The gang should be zeroing in on the summit as I write. I'll pass along the news as soon as I hear.

In the meantime, get your gear ready for a - ahem - sick day later this week. I feel a day of riding coming on!

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