Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sick hucks, mad rails in the Mile High City

Here's something cool we'd love to see in C. Springs.

According to the Denver Post:
The Denver Parks and Recreation Department is teaming up with Winter Park Resort to open a terrain-style rail park in central Denver this winter for urban skiers and snowboarders. The temporary terrain park, announced Friday, will be located at Ruby Hill Park, at South Platte River Drive and West Florida Avenue.
It is expected to be open for about six weeks beginning in mid-January, said Daniel Betts, deputy manager of recreation for the city.
"We wanted to do something in the Front Range to encourage our youth to get up into the mountains," Betts said. "And we think this is a great fit."
Admission will be free. Hours and days of operation have not been determined.
The terrain park will feature six rail structures that range in difficulty from beginner to advanced. It will be staffed by volunteers, who will be trained by Winter Park personnel. The ski resort is also donating a snowmaking gun to be used at the facility.

Denver already has one of the most killer city park systems in the country (because it includes Winter Park Ski Resort) and now this? We're jealous. In a dream world, here's how our own great parks department would one up D-town: lease the old Pikes Peak ski area land from the U.S. Forest Service, buy some secondhand snow-making equipment and lifts, and operate a bare bones ski area so C-Springers could have a place nearby to hit the slopes.

Doesn't have to be fancy. Look, the tiny town of Silverton has a city-funded ski area called Kendall Mountain that would be a perfect model. The city of Colorado Springs is already paying to keep the Pikes Peak Highway open year-round, might as well put it to good use.

Build it. They will come.
Then I could ski after work. And before work.

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Zen said...

Makes sense to me. We have amazing natural resources and more than enough snow in this area for this kind of thing. For a terrain park. For a sledding or tubing hill. For a regional winter recreation center.

How about renting snowshoes or cross country skis at the North Slope Recreation Area? There are miles of gentle trails laced throughout the hills around the reservoirs that hold snow and could be groomed. Local shops could hold gear testing days. Parks & Rec could offer classes.

For years I've been trying to get Woodland Park to rent ice skates at the lake in Memorial Park. The lake is there, people already skate on it, the city already owns a house that sits on the shores. Local vendors could sell hot drinks and snacks. The center of downtown with its restaurants and shops is two blocks away! Go ask Evergreen - it is a fantastic money maker in the winter.

But alas the powers that be don't seem to share the same visions that we have Dave. We can only hope.