Thursday, November 30, 2006

The helmet mentality

I've suggested. I've threatened. I've bribed. But all my threats and even my best bribes never really convinced my daughter that she would be better off wearing a helmet when she snowboarded. She said, and I quote, "it makes me look weird." And it's true - the first time we handed her a helmet years ago, they were still an oddity on the slopes.

But she came home from boarding at Arapahoe Basin last week with a different attitude. "Everybody was wearing helmets," she said. "Especially in the terrain park. I felt weird because I wasn't wearing one."


Anonymous said...

I can't even believe this is still debatable for most folks -- climbers, cyclists, snowboarders. The fact is, no one has ever given me a good reason NOT to wear a helmet.

Biker Betty said...

I have seen so many heated discussions on this topic in many different sports. To me it's a "No Brainer." I wear my helmets motorcycling, rock climbing and skiing. Luckily, so far my sons do to.