Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Get thee to Loveland

Photo from yesterday's storm, courtesy Keystone
The latest snow storm to hit Colorado was wide ranging, but not nececarily even-handed. Some places got rocks, some just got a lot of wind. Click here for the count. Keystone is reporting 5 inches. Breck 7, but just over the Continental Divide, Loveland clocked in at 22 inches. That's what I call some snow!
It must have all blown over from A Basin, just next door, which only got 11.

Only 11 inches. I love saying that. Some years we would sell our own mothers for 11 inches. Makes me want to put on my happy hat.

Winter Park opens today, with 8 trails.
Vail will open Friday. Crested Butte, Saturday.
Monarch opens next week with all natural powder. Shows you it must be a good snow year.

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