Thursday, November 02, 2006

For Frisco residents its deja vu all over again

One of the most contentious ballot issues for the small Summit County community of Frisco this year is whether the mountain town should allow development in it largest park, the Frisco Peninsula. And residents are saying, "What, again?"

The peninsula is a neck of low, forested hills jutting out into Lake Dillon. It hosts an extensive network of hiking and cross-country ski trails.

Four years ago, residents were asked whether a golf course should be built on the land. Arguments were made about how the city needed it economically, how there was no other place to build it, how it would be a huge asset to the community.

Voters overwhelmingly turned the offer down, perhaps largely because the town's wealthy golf-playing voter block are seasonal second-home owners who can't vote in local elections.

It looked like the peninsula was safe. Then the current election cycle rolled around with a proposal to build a Colorado Mountain College campus on the land. Arguments are being made about how the city needs it economically, how there is no other place to build it, how it would be a huge asset to the community.

Old allies who defeated the golf course quickly formed "Save Our Peninsula - Again!" to counter the proposal.
According a story in the Vail Daily , both pro and anti-development groups are pushing hard in the week before the election.

Summit County is made up almost entirely of federal land. The little private land that exists is almost all developed, making city-owned land like the peninsula particularly attractive. If "Save Our Peninsula - Again!" wins Tuesday, I think it better reserve the URL "www.what_are_you_kidding?_This_again?_Seriously, for 2006.

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