Monday, November 13, 2006

Big snow coming...

A winter weather advisory is on for the mountains tonight. According to the Gazette, up to 20 inches is possible. Snow has already arrived in Wolf Creek, according to a ski report e-mail that arrived this morning:

Summit Base Depth : 33 Inches
Midway Base Depth : 29 Inches
New Snowfall : 8
Inches Latest Storm : 12 Inches
Year To Date : 83 inches

If you want to get Wolf Creeks snow alert e-mails, click here.

For a broader survey of what's going on, ski-wise, check out our new Snow and Ride Guide, which gives you conditions, links to live cams, a digest of ski news, and tips on discounts.

For those of you who can sneak out of work tomorrow, A Basin, Breck, Copper, Loveland and Wolf Creek are all open.

Personally, I'm in no hurry to get started. I love, love, love to ski, but I try to push the mountain biking season as far as I can. Saturday, friends and I did what I call the Cheyenne Canyon Big Loop. Park at the dirt lot at the top of the canyon, ride up Buckhorn (I cleaned it for the first time) then down Captain Jacks (didn't clean it this time). Hit lower Gold Camp Road, ride down to Stratton Open Space, bomb down the Chutes, then climb up the long, hairy switchbacks of Columbine Trail back to the parking lot. Total time, about three hours.

Here's the amazing thing: The whole time we only saw four other bikers and two hikers, even though it was a gorgeous day in a city of 400,000. Skiing can wait a few more weeks.

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