Friday, November 17, 2006

90% of comments favor roadless areas in Colorado

For almost two years, a task force appointed by Gov. Bill Owens has been mulling over how to manage 4.1 million acres of federal land that was designated by the Clinton administration as "roadless," then undesignated by the Bush administration. After scores of public comments and meetings, over 90 percent of people involved said they favored keeping them roadless. So that, apparently, is what the governor will recommend to the Feds.

According to the Rocky Mountain News, "Owens on Monday asked for federal protection of more than 4.1 million roadless acres in Colorado, following a state task force's advice."

There are still some loop holes that allow mining roads to already existing claims, but, all in all, this is a fairly progressive bill that paves the way to protecting undeveloped land.

Owens told the press, "The scenic landscapes, abundant wildlife and mountain vistas make Colorado such a wonderful place to live and raise a family. I applaud the task force for their commitment to this important process."

Kinda makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over.


Zen said...

Unless your Sean Paige that is. :0)

John Harris said...

This story does not communicate the whole story about Clinton's Roadless Initiative imposed in his last minutes of office. One of the problems is in the definition of a road. I understand that Clinton's definition of a road specifies that it must be graded and maintained. I ride mountain bikes and offroad motorcycles and this BS will rape this community of it's public land. I support wilderness areas but not based on the Roadless Initiative. There is a huge backlash from the Recreation Community the deserves press. The 90% of the public likely does not understand the implications of this. Just wait until they arrive at their favorite trail to ride a bike or motorcycle and find a CLOSED sign!

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