Thursday, October 26, 2006

Will Pikes Peak be skiable

I was standing at the top of the incline yesterday with Gazette TV writer Andy Wineke mulling over what I'd guess is an often-asked question. Is the incline ever skiable?

Sure, there are problems. It's really, really steep, and fairly narrow. It's like a 2,100-foot ski jump, but instead of a jump at the end, it has rusty metal posts sticking out of the ground and several steps that are two or three feet high. So, it would be a challenge.


If there was a enough snow -- I mean a bear-choking load of snow -- would it be possible?

I figured yes.

"No way," said Andy, "because if there was that much snow, it would be impossible to get here. The whole city would be shut down."

Now, as I type this, it's dumping outside. Two inches an hour, I'd say. The lights in my kitchen are flickering every once in a while, probably caused by tree branches, still full of leaves, being pulled down on the powerlines by thick, heavy snow.

Woodland Park already has 9 inches. And it's falling fast. Will it be enough to settle this question of skiing the incline? Probably not.

Will it be enough to take a few turns at the old Pikes Peak Ski Area off the Pikes Peak Highway. I'm planning on it if the road is open tomorrow.

Right now though, I've got to go out and shovel snow.

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