Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What's next? A rollercoaster?

Alpine slide: Amusement park ride or thrilling ski area attraction?

Former President Gerald Ford and other property owners in the Beaver Creek community are fighting a proposed concrete alpine slide that would be open summers.

“An alpine slide is an amusement-park ride,” Beaver Creek Property Owners Association attorney Rick Johnson said in an AP story. “An alpine slide is not compatible with the valley’s environment.”

Property owners say the slide would be noisy and ugly. The slide is part of a strategy by Vail Resorts, which owns the Beaver Creek ski area, to turn its winter resorts into year-round destinations. The company already operates an alpine slide at its Breckenridge resort. But Breckenridge doesn't have the real estate power of Beaver Creek, where the average sale price of a home is more than $900,000.

The Eagle County Commissioners haven't made a decision on the request.

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Zen said...

What cracks me up about this is Vail & Beaver Creek are so damn right wing. Pro development. Anti government regulation. Pro private property. Anti environmentalist. Pro capitalism. Anti NIMBY. A regular mecca of Sean Paiges.

Until its their backyard on the line. I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning. :0)