Monday, October 23, 2006

Trail conditions after rain and snow

You could call Saturday's grand opening of Cheyenne Mountain State Park a soft opening, both because it is closed again today, and because the trails weren't exactly firm after a few days of snow and rain.

The park is bound to become known for its mud. The mix of shale and gravel on its lower slopes can quickly turn into a sticky goo, even with the tons of gravel that have been spread on the trails. Bottom line: if it's been wet, if it's been snowy, if it's one of those gorgeous days when the sky is blue and the snow is melting, avoid the state park for a day or two. It should be fine by this weekend.

On a similar note, I went biking in Stratton Open Space on Sunday. Conditions were perfect. The moist ground was grabby on the tires, but never slick. The trails are in great shape. I only passed one small patch of snow.
I talked to a trio of riders who had just rolled down from Captain Jacks. They reported it was dry and ready to go, with a few patches of slushy ice on the north-facing sections.

With highes expected in the 60s for a few days, snow should continue to melt. All but the highest trails (the top of Barr Trail, Mount Rosa, etc) should be good to go.

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