Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Thin air, keen eyes, outer space... quite a round-up

courtesy summitpost.org

If you aren't already a regular visitor to summitpost.org, check it out. It's a sort of online bulletin board for mountain climbers, published by readers. It has trip reports, photos... On it today is a recipe for making your own organic energy gel. Who knew?

Summit post manages to be the right mix. Not too many clueless neophytes (a problem with some of the 14er sites) and not too many judgmental climbing nuts who are so jargony they barely seem to be speaking English.

A favorite feature of mine is the photo of the hour/day/week. These are people that go to corners of the world few others visit, and the views are sublime (see above.)

Speaking of great pictures, NASA is expected to announce a
mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. I've never been a huge space fan. I always thought there was plenty to appreciate on Earth, but I can't help getting geeked out over the awesome images of distant galaxies Hubble regularly beams down. It makes views of Andean peaks seem as close and piddly as the scene out my kitchen window.

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