Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lessons learned from Independence Pass

A mother and three kids who got lost Monday on Independence Pass were found Tuesday, chilled but OK. It's getting to be that time of year when the high country is not only colder than we expect, but the days are getting shorter so it's easy to run out of light before finishing your hike.

Venerable ski mountaineer Lou Dawson has an interesting critique of the incident on his blog,, detailing considerations adults should make when hiking with kids.


khumbukitty said...

Anonymous said...

are you sure that's the right web address? not able to find it

Dena Rosenberry said...

The link seems to be OK. I just read the updates on Lou's blog. He makes valid points that are worth repeating and repeating again about being prepared for a hike - not the hike you think you'll take, but the one you may be forced to take.

Bottom line: over prepare. Definitely worth reading, no matter how many years you've been hiking.

Anonymous said...

These Search and Rescue clowns always walk around like they got the biggest nads ever.

Even within their own tribe they try to 'out nad' the other guy. The lady got lost. Of course she was green, but you can't license being an idiot. He could give his speech 100 times a day and an idiot will still wander out into the wilderness.

Just put on your orange jacket and do your job...find the person and then go have a beer and talk about how cool you are.

Anonymous said...

Don't steal photos. Link to pages instead. Thanks.