Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fat is beautiful

Major ski makers gradually have been building wider skis for years, but it took two Breckenridge powderhounds to take the growing waistline to the super-size double bacon cheeseburger level.

They created the Fatypus, a ski with a 5.5-inch waist and a massive, almost 7-inch, shovel at the tip that, according to the designers, "Rules in powder, carves up the groomers and generally kills it."

It's the fattest ski you can buy, but the mainstream manufacturers are going obese too.

K2's entry in the market is the Pontoon -- not quite as big, but still made to float on powder.

Can skis get any wider and still be ridable? We're not sure, but we're thinking of strapping on two snowboards to find out.

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Anonymous said...

So which one of the two is better??!!! You have me interested and now I need to know whick is the one to buy, cuz you know nobody can afford both.