Saturday, October 14, 2006

Black bear on the incline

Just got this email from a reader:

Dear Dave,

I don't know if this is anything to be concerned about or if there is any way of getting the word out if it is something potentially serious, but our two friends who introduced us to the incline just had a big black bear follow them at close range halfway down it yesterday. They were rather frightened, to say the least, and warned others about the bear. Since you are my young hero in the outdoor section of the Gazette, I thought I would let you know. They are no novice outdoor people, having climbed about a third of the fourteeners in our state. We were planning to climb it today, but we have an eight-month-old Irish setter who thinks anything is a friend, and we could not feel comfortable doing that the next day.

I hope this is not a pointless notification, but if so, sorry about that!


I've run into several black bears, and never had a bad encounter. There bears are rarely aggressive. You should watch your dogs around them though.

They're generally not active during the middle of the day, that might be the time to go.


Zen said...

Thanks for the report.

Dena Rosenberry said...

If I'd logged on and read this earlier today, I might have changed my hike!

Didn't see a bear today on Intemann nor the incline, but one tromped along the street - just above Manitou Avenue - just before sunrise Thursday.

I see another reporter found a black bear on her front porch off Cheyenne Canyon one night this week, too. Be aware.

Dena Rosenberry said...

How did I "see" this?

Jennifer Wilson blogged about it at the YourHub site for the Cheyenne Mountain neighborhood.

Check it out at Click on YourHub and then Cheyenne Mountain.

Anonymous said...

Well, I saw a foot long garter snake on the Grasslands Loop trail in Mission Trails Regional Park (San Diego) on Sunday. Boy, do I miss Colorado!