Friday, September 01, 2006

Prairie Falcon Parkway vs. prairie falcons

It's ironic, isn't it?? The newly proposed toll road that would stretch north to south on the eastern plains to take some of the traffic off I-25 is called the Prairie Falcon Parkway Express. But birders aren't impressed. Gary Lefko, an ardent birder and creator of the Great Pikes Peak Bird Trail, says in an e-mail: "if this ever happens, great birding could be impacted at Barr Lake, the Arapahoe County reservoirs, Chico Basin and/or Bohart of Pueblo's Arkansas River corridor, Ramah Reservoir, CPER, and 'parts in between.'"

For more information on the birding trail and Lefko's visition, go to To look at the map of the proposed road, go to

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Might want to see or or for more information about fighting the toll road.