Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Last hike of summer or first hike of fall?

Incoming Biz Editor Joanna Bean (in her final days as deputy features editor) took advantage of the long weekend by hitting the trails with her daughters. She shares this observation we can all relate to. Even if you don't have kids you are one or remember what it was like to be one.

While hiking with my two daughters, ages 11 and 7, this weekend in Taylor Canyon outside Gunnison, I was reminded how different hiking can be for them (kids) and for us (adults).

For me, hiking is often about the five senses (hearing the leaves rustle, smelling the earth, seeing the wildflowers, etc.)

For them, hiking is about:
1. counting down the tenths of a mile on the GPS unit until you hit the goal mom set at the car.
2. perfecting your aim with your CamelBak by squirting it at rocks, trees and your little sister.
3. squishing trailside berries between your fingers until the goo inside runs down your hand.
4. calculating just how deep your boots can get in a stream crossing before your feet get wet.

We logged a few miles on the Summerville Trail, a good choice if you're hiking with the young set (and also if you're not!). The aspen are just beginning to turn, and other fall foliage had turned to shades of brilliant red and yellow. To get to the trailhead, head north on Highway 135 out of Gunnison to Almont, then right on Taylor River Road for about 10 miles. You also can access the trail by heading west out of Buena Vista over Cottonwood Pass (open until winter) toward Taylor Reservoir. Pass the reservoir and head into the canyon. Trailhead is well-marked, on the left.

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