Friday, September 29, 2006

The hot new skis and boards for 07

We'd like to be able to tell you which of the hundreds of skis that come out every year (trust us, since that would mean tons of testing time on the slopes, we'd really like too) but who has the time?

Fortunately does. is the online combination of both SKI and SKIING magazines.(BTW, if you don't know the difference, SKIING tracks slightly younger and more irreverent.) They get experts to take turns on all the hottest new boards so you don't sink $500 into a pair of dogs.

What did they like best this year? Here's the cool part, they have it on a PDF file, so you can print out the best in each category and take it to the ski shop. For the list, click here

Don't know what type of ski to get (bumps, big mountain, etc), the site also has a clickable survey that will tell you what kind of skier you are, and the top five skis for you. To see it, click here .

Boarders, don't sweat your baggy shorts. Transworld Snowboarding has its top picks of the season out too. See them here.

We were disappointed not to see Summit County maker Unity listed. They usually make it into the top ten. But if your favorite board isn't on this list (as mine isn't) don't sweat it. Most manufacturers these days are making killer products. Even if it's not the best of the best, chances are, unless you're really good, you'll be the limiting factor on the mountain, not the board or skis.

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