Thursday, September 07, 2006

Do you use trekking poles?

In a poll (a pole poll?) on today, 70% of hikers said yes. Poles save the knees and back and add steadiness in uncertain terrain, supporters say.

The other 30% say they don't need them, so don't see the point in the expense or added weight. Looking at the people posting on the forum, it seems to follow an age divide. Young folks go without, older ones like a little extra support.

So what are the best poles? Posters seem to prefer Leki. They're light, collapsable, and many even have shock absorbers.

Do you use poles? If so, what kind?

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Zen said...

Lekis are worth every shekel.

I used two other brands that both failed or required serious repair / modification to the locking mechanisms within 2 years of purchase.

I can't tell you what brands they were cause honestly I don't even care to remember. Once you get over the sticker shock and go Leki, you'll never go, never look back.

Lesson learned - trekking poles are not a place to cut corners.

Tip - wrap a good two feet of duct tape in a roll around the top section of one of your poles. Works great in the event that one of your locking mechanisms fails in the backcountry. Plus it just looks plain cool. :0)