Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Chasing crashed planes

On Friday a private plane hit the top of Wilson Peak near Telluride.

The fourteener is so remote, and the crash is so bad, that rescuers still haven't figured out how many bodies are there, and who they are. The local coroner said that in his years of accident response and rescue he has never seen debris fan an area as large as it has in this incident.

Debris may be left on the summit. There are dozens of plane wrecks in Colorado. I can think of two near Colorado Springs (Cheyenne Mountain and Blodgett Peak) and there are probably more.

There is even a Web site dedicated to hiking to some of these remote crashes. It's sort of like geocaching, but with some history mixed in. To check it out visit coloradowreckchasing.tripod.com.

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UltraRob said...

I didn't see the Blodgett Peak one at the coloradowreckchasing.tripod.com website. DId I just miss it or do they not have it listed?