Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What's up at Barr Camp?

We wondered if the Barr Trail shows the effects of all those pounding feet of the Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent. Teresa, caretaker at Barr Camp, assured us that things are getting back to normal. Here's an e-mail update from her:

We are just getting back to normal in camp after the weekend. We ran the aid station up here this year so it added to the work load. What a lot of fun it was! We had a great bunch of volunteers helping us out, and the runners were wonderful. Tough bunch of folks - one finished with a big gouge in her head and a very swollen cheek, and another with a broken wrist. Tough ladies!

The trash on the trail was minimal, and the sweep that came down from the top on Monday only had a small bag. The way the trash zones were set up made it much easier to clean up, and the trash crews did a great job.
Quieter day on the trail Monday, but Mondays are always quiet. Most folks from out of state, and a few locals. Today we are seeing locals and out-of-staters all heading up to the summit on a gorgeous day.
Lot's of mushrooms this year with all the rain. Hope it continues so we have snow up here this winter.

Happy trails, Teresa

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