Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The first sign of fall -- ski deals

Like that first tree that turns golden, even though it's still clearly summer, I received my first round of pre-season ski ticket deals this morning. This one from Colorado's newest resort, Echo Mountain Park.
Cheap fall tickets are an annual event here in the Rockies. I just got back from a visit to family in New England, and kept telling them, "You can come out for a visit and ski for about $20 a day, but you have to let me know by September so I can buy the tickets."
We'll see how the deals shape up this year. The resorts are always cagey about leaking info early, but if 2006-2007 is anything like last year, Colorado will continue to have the cheapest skiing in the world for locals.

Here are Echo Mountain's deals:

Daily tickets at Echo are the cheapest anywhere in Colorado at $35 on
weekends, $25 weekdays, and $20 every day after 4pm. And we?re only 45 minutes
Check out our season ticket sales now until August 20 Unlimited Weekday/Weeknight Pass: $209
Ski/ride Monday-Friday,10am to 9pm. No blackouts!
Unlimited Season Pass: $269 Ski/ride 10am to 9pm, any day. No blackouts!
Echo 3 Pack $69 -Ride Echo for 3 days or nights anytime all season. No blackouts!
Echo 6 Pack $129-Get 6 day or night tickets for use anytime all season. No blackouts!
Buy your season passes online at Questions? email

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