Thursday, August 17, 2006

Are you a "Type T"?

You've heard of Type A people -- take charge go-getters who would rather lead than follow. You never hear about, but must assume there are, Type B people. I'm guessing these are the people who hang by the free donuts at work, complaining about their job but not actually doing anything.

Then there are the Type T people -- T for Thrill -- who are bored with the Type As and Bs, and just can't seem to stay away from anything that will give them a rush: kayaking, sky diving, rock climbing, bar fighting, you name it.

There is a good article on the subject published today on today that suggests that Type T's need this rush. They feel little connection with anything that isn't "tough enough to kill you."

The piece suggests a "Type T personality is something people are born with. It isn't a lifestyle choice. Risk taking has been linked to levels of dopamine, a chemical found in the brain that regulates mood and pleasure."

Still, being a risk taker seems like it would be a hard trait to pass down, not so much because there isn't an evolutionary advantage to it, but because it makes it much less likely you'd live long enough to procreate.

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