Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The people you meet

Hike virtually any section of the Colorado Trail or the Continental Divide Trail and you'll come upon somebody with a story. These trails that stretch across the state tend to attract people with a cause, people on a mission, people out to heal or mend.

Saturday, on a section of trail shared by the CT and the CDT near Leadville, I met a guy who possibly might fit all categories. His name: not important, he said. His mission: to photograph every 20 feet of the Colorado Trail. His method: walking briskly, carrying only a day pack and a small camera, stopping every few seconds to shoot seemingly random shots. His message: Watch for me when I'm done with this project. Then you'll know.
We're waiting.

(The anonymous photographer on a mission stops for a few seconds to talk with Colorado Trail managing director Bill Manning.)

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