Monday, July 24, 2006


Cycling fans who watched the Tour de France might have wondered: why are Americans so good at that race?
Chris Carmichael, writing on his Tour de France newsletter on, answers that question:

"Americans men are so good at the Tour de France because it’s the first race we learn about when we’re young, and the first race we fantasize about winning. The cycling heroes that teenage boys want to emulate, and the posters that adorn their walls, are of American riders wearing yellow, and they have been for the past twenty years. The Europeans better not expect this cycle to end anytime soon, either. No matter if Landis wins several yellow jerseys or just one, in the years to come there will be another American standing on top of the podium in Paris, and he will say that Floyd Landis was the reason he wanted to race a bicycle."

Carmichael is founder, CEO and president of Carmichael Training Systems and personal coach to seven-time Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong.

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