Monday, July 24, 2006

Good for what ales ya...

There's an interesting thread on's discussion forum right now about drinking beer on summits.
Many people crack a celebratory brew, others say "just water, thanks very much."
But it begs the question, what beer is for the outdoors?

A can is helpful for two reasons, it's lightweight, and won't break.
But canned beer can be... uninspiring.
A favorite that keeps popping up again and again in outdoor circles is Dale's Pale Ale, made by Oskar Blues Brewery of Lyons. It's the only microbrew in a can and packs such a strong, hoppy flavor that it takes a minute to realize that, yes, this really IS coming out of a can.

Boaters love it. 10th Mountain Ski Tourers do too.

Me? I have to admit, I don't drink and hike, but afterward, I reach for a nice, watery PBR.

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