Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Your fourteener checklist, now online

Colorado has everything from passport books to water bottles to T-shirts that display a checklist of the state's 54 fourteeners. Now a computer science teacher at Florida Tech has made a free online site where climbers can update their checklist and post it for everyone to see. To check it out, click here.

So far, almost 300 people have posted their lists, including a few names I recognize from Colorado Springs.

The site is in no way official. It isn't password protected, so anyone can alter a list, but it is a nice way to keep track, and considerably easier and cheaper than the traditional way -- climbing to the top of each peak and signing the register. On the other hand, it's also easier to fake.
But for those of us just trying to keep track, it's a fun site to visit.
BTW, I have five fourteeners to go, not counting privately-owned Culebra Peak. I hope to finish this summer.

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