Friday, June 23, 2006

Views from the top

No, not the top of Pikes Peak. Red Rock Canyon Open Space.

I took my mom, who's visiting from California, up the Mesa Trail to the newish connection to Section 16 and Intemann trails. She loved the views, which I'm sharing here from my point-and-shoot.

It's a great hike for visiting friends and family who aren't used to the altitude. They get to see the red rock, cactus, scrub, oak and pines. And you're bound to see a deer or fox along the way.

Now that she's been here a week she's set her sights a bit higher. She'll be one of those tourists on Barr Trail's switchbacks this weekend - although she'll have plenty of water and snacks and be prepared for inclement weather. Check out Dave Philipps' story, teased in a posting below, if you're looking for an alternate route - away from the tourists and runners training for the Ascent and Marathon.

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