Monday, June 19, 2006

Scooter vs. deer

The deer are out in force right now - be watchful when you drive U.S. Highway 24, where they graze just off the pavement.

And they aren't just a hazard to drivers in their cars. This report came in from Warren Epstein, Arts & Entertainment editor at The Gazette:

"If you need another reason to keep an eye out for deer on the west side, here's one. I was riding my little 49cc scooter home Friday night on Manitou Avenue, just approaching the U.S. Highway 24 overpass, when a large doe ran across the street, her right front leg knocking my front tire. My scooter spun into a 180, and the deer ran off. Remarkably, I was unhurt, the deer looked fine, and there's no apparent damage to the scooter. Man, that could have been ugly."

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