Thursday, June 29, 2006

Learning the ropes

Here's a peek at one of those critical points along the course - a rappel that required Primal Quest crew to lower the teams' mountain bikes down the cliff.

See posting below (from Wednesday) to read what happens when a bike gets snagged in the ropes hundreds of feet off the canyon floor. Oops.

At this point (the rappel) racers had already ridden two legs on the bikes - but they still had two to go. As Gazette reporter Dave Philipps notes, one of the last legs of PQ Utah is a ride that could set up a tire-to-tire finish. Watch for it early Friday - or, who knows, late tonight.

(Primal Quest crew lowers a mountain bike at Gemini Bridges. Photo by Adventure Art/Chris Halper, courtesy of Adventure Art, Halper and Primal Quest.)

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