Monday, June 26, 2006

In Primal Quest, the first team drops out

The 89 teams competing in the 417-mile Primal Quest adventure race near Moab, Utah, are now strung out over more than 70 miles of open desert and canyons. The first dozen teams are flying down the Green River in hot pursuit of one another, but others are just chugging along.

Sunday evening, the first team dropped out. Ironically, it was team Utah. No home field advantage, apparently. It wasn't the blistering 100-degree heat and no shade that stopped them, it was just plain blisters.

More teams are expected to drop out soon. I talked to course director Don Mann today. He said the canyoneering section after the kayak will "eat a lot of teams." He expects several to drop out afterward.

(In this photo by Jason Perreira, courtesy of Primal Quest and Perreira, a sock molds to the foot of Team Radioactive Beagle's Tom Sullivan. And that was Day One!)

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