Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fibark starts tomorrow!!!

Salida, which is already in the running for "coolest town in Colorado," kicks off its even more cool FIBArk festival on Thursday.

FIBArk stands for "First in Boat down the Arkansas River."

It used to just be an annual river rat race. Whoever made it first, won. For the full history, click here.
Now it's turned into a four-day event that is the top party of the year for this mountain town. It's also probably one of the best fests for visitors. This isn't just a collection of vendors and a bad band. There is awesome stuff to see and it's all free. Thursday check out the Boater X, a mass-start race down Pine Creek, the hardest rapid on the river, that makes a demolition derby look as tame as a curling lesson.

Then there's the USA Wildwater Championship on Friday, followed by a cruiser bike parade and race.
Saturday brings the Hooligan race, where locals compete on homemade floats made of inner tubes and who knows what else. Sunday brings the big FIBArk races.

And of course, every night there is food, drink and live music. Plus, hey, you're in Salida, so if you're bored with the events, go mountain biking, or climb a peak, or hit the rapids. There's tons to do!

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