Monday, June 05, 2006

Climbers missing

Two of the most respected women climbers are missing on Mount Foraker in Alaska. Sue Nott, 36, of Vail, and Karen McNeill, 37, of Canmore, Alberta, Canada, left for a climb on the notoriously difficult mountain May 14 and told people they expected to finish in 10 days. When they didn't return by Thursday night, a rescue team began searching. Foraker is a 17,400-foot peak in Denali National Park. This season, 30 people signed up to climb Foraker, but of the 26 who have returned, none made it to the summit.

In 2004, Nott and McNeill were the first women to reach the summit of Denali after climbing the Cassin Ridge. That climb is chronicled in an article on

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