Wednesday, May 10, 2006

You weren't the only one to get snow

Photo courtesy Aspen Times.
The top of Pikes Peak is as white as a wedding cake. The giraffe cam at the zoo shows the foothills also got a bit of snow, but it's melting fast.

And of course, there's snow in the mountains, where today, backcountry ski legend Lou Dawson is nearing the end of a retracing of the "Trooper Traverse," a backcountry ski route between Camp Hale and Aspen pioneered by the Army's 10th Mountain Division in 1944.

There's a good story about the endeavor in today's Aspen Times, detailing the four-day route, and how Dawson tracked down information from surviving members of the Division. Dawson is doing the ski with David Christie, the son of former 10th Mountain Division trooper Neil Christie, and a few others, but said their trip will be nothing like when the troopers did the 40-mile ski with 80-pound packs and huge, wooden skis.

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