Monday, May 15, 2006

Wild about wetlands

The Izaak Walton League sets aside May each year to celebrate wetlands. In honor of the celebration, take a moment to educate yourself on wetlands.
- Wetlands make up only 5 percent of land in the U.S. and support 190 amphibian species and one-third of all bird species.
- Almost 43 percent of the federally listed threatened and endangered animal species depend on wetlands for survival.
- Wetlands alongside a river are valued for their capacity to retain floodwater.
- Wetlands also act as buffers against wind and rain.
- Wetlands help purify drinking water by naturally filtering polluted runoff from city streets, buildings and agricultural lands.
- Seasonal wetlands provide a healthy habitat for amphibians such as frogs, toads and salamanders.
To experience this environment up close, check out the Tejon Street wetlands. Park at Dorchester Park off South Tejon Street and walk west on the river trail.

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