Monday, May 08, 2006

Trip report: The Indian Peaks are still full of snow

I went for one of my first forays into the Indian Peaks west of Boulder this weekend for a little backcountry skiing. I think people from the Springs tend to ignore this range because it's right next to Denver - the trails can be a bit crowded - but let me tell you, with this year's healthy snows, my friends and I had a great ski, and the cool, glaciated peaks I saw already have me planning a return trip.

Some of the mountains there, while not especially high (Long's Peak is the only 14er) have classic alpine routes.
Just looking at Lone Eagle peak gives me the willies -- in a good way. And Mount Toll looked equally fetching.
As for crowded. On a full day ski, we only saw five other people. Not too bad for being an hour outside Denver.

Anyone else poke around the Indian Peaks? What are some favorite destinations?

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