Friday, May 26, 2006

Seems like local was smart to turn back on Everest.

This from about two climbers in David Lien's expedition, 7 Summits Club:

The team (Lorenzo) is reporting that Thomas Weber (somewhat blind climber) has died on Everest. Thomas Weber was with his personal Dutch guide named Harry... Details are few if any at this time. They also report Australian Lincoln Hall is in trouble, apparently still above high camp, but again facts are few.

According to expedition leader Alexander Abramov, Thomas Weber and his personal guide Harry were a subteam in the 7 Summits club expedition where Harry also enlisted other climbers (for a fee) to join the expedition. The 7 Summits club expedition, which ran ads - "Everest for $10,000" - has now lost 3 climbers in the last 2 years on Everest.

Harry descended from the summit last year very, very late with help of a very experienced Sherpa who did not leave him...

Lien writes to say: "I'm saddened to report what appears to be the deaths of two more of the climbers from our expedition in their Everest summit bids. Both were good men."

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