Monday, May 01, 2006

Pikes Peak puts its best face forward

It's a well-known fact: The Woodland Park view of Pikes Peak is the best view. That side of the mountain looks a little more majestic, and you can see the W's of the highway and the area favored by the hard-core skiers and boarders who look forward to the rocky peak's challenges each springtime. (Check out the image from favorite images, submitted by LRB.)

This morning, the face of Pikes Peak again is covered with snow, thanks to storms over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

You can find an even better view of the north side of the peak here:

AndyW said...

I agree -- the north side is the best. The view from I-25 southbound in Greenland is pretty uniformly majestic. From Woodland Park, the mountain looks like a ginormous tailings pile.